Wrench is a EU horde /vg/ guild on the shattered halls realm cluster

It is the oldest wowg guild, being made the day after vg launched.

It is known for its amazing ability to frequently die and resurrect.

Notable members include;

Garthan (original GM)

Sakurafish (The guy who posts that fucking fish on /a/, new GM)

Balrog (former raidleader and renowned shitposter)

Cuckold Steve (a cuckold)

Taygeta (worlds largest collection of horse dildos)

Danjii (the only girl in wrench, very cute)

Achievements include;

Clearing tiers 13-16 on the highest difficulty

Falling apart when all the good players left in WoD

Failing to clear tiers on anything but normal since then (We still clear every Tier on Heroic atleast you degenerate furry shits. t. Sakura)

Literally killing a server