Spitty contemplating.

Spitfire, A.K.A Pigfire

A.K.A Shillfire

A.K.A Shitfire

A.K.A Oinkfire

A.K.A Spitshit

A.K.A Pigfat

A.K.A Fatfire

A.K.A Pigshit

A.K.A Shitflare

A.K.A Shitfat

A.K.A Fagfire

A.K.A Pigfag

A.K.A Shitfag

A.K.A Oinkfuck

Spitty and his waifu

Spitty, his waifu, and his inbred family.

A.K.A Shitpig

A.K.A Spitnig

A.K.A Nigfire

A.K.A Skeetfire

A.K.A Hogfire

Is a confirmed brony on /wowg/.