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Human - normie faggots

Night Elf - Fuck OFF luuid

Blood Elf - qtest girls with child bearing hips, bubblebutts and DD bodies (in game model is a FALSE representation) guys look like fags.

Draenei - Cosmic goat sluts

Worgen- Yiffe xD

Gnome - short qt's

Dwarf - objectively best ally race

Orcs - dindunuffin

Tauren - semi-normie race, often hi-jacked by degenerates proclaiming the magnificence of "BIG TAUREN DONG"

Forsaken - le dark edgy meme race.

Troll - Two toed, gutter-speaking, nig-nogs.

Goblin - fire mage? Jews incarnitate, every stereotype about jews they embody.

Pandaren - Landwhales and technical virgins, stay away from this shit unless you want to be endlessly mocked