RIP in peace is the premier american /wowg/ guild. While the guild does not maintain a good reputation both on and off the general, they remain the only /wowg/ guild that actually attempts to raid and clear content. The guild includes an exclusive ''''''inner circle'''''' featuring many extremely autistic general goers. All gear within raids is funnelled to the resident """""""""""""""""""""""""girl gamer""""""""""""""""""""""""" in an attempt to make their parses look better. founders of such incredible meme's as 'undeath autism', '>mad at ripip', '>she will never return' and a timeless classic 'Poopooweeweedoodoopeepee'

The Current guild master of <Rip in Peace> is Timetobull (alt: timetocuck) the number 1 elite gamer genius

Alumni from ripip include: Sathington, Zanthoz, Mizz, Undeath, and DK'just cuck my shit up'QT

Guest Appearences From: Rudi and his 33 alts of autism