what a cool guy

Potatosock, otherwise known by his titles; the Indomitable, Lord of Greece, Best Brother, Best Friend, Cool Fella, and Father of the Pincer Maneuver is a circlejerking puppetmaster best known for being pretty cool, likeable, and definitely not autistic all-around.


  • Masterminded the plot to steal Gruxx away from his former best friend Ash and turn him into his own best brother
  • Isn't terrible at the game
  • Is a really nice and all-around likeable guy
  • Loved by all except people who don't matter (people I he doesn't like)
  • Fucked your mom
  • Fucked your sister
  • Fucked your wife
  • Fucked your girlfriend
  • Fucked your mistress
  • Responsible for several ongoing epic 4chan troll Discord raiding operations
  • i am greek.

Best Friend List

What follows is a true and verified list of this ABSOLUTE MONSTER's best friends: