Icycrits the Beloved (also known as simply Icy, or the Minister of Memes) is a notorious avatarfriend, funposter, narcissist and shitposter who has frequented the general from the Mists of Pandaria days of /wowg/, better known as "the Golden Years." While never officially part of the Inner Circle, Icy and his gang of misfits formed a coalition to purge furposters and ERPers from the general. Such a daunting task proved to be absolutely hopeless in the hive of degeneracy, yet the crusade managed to provide entertaining shitstorms and thread wars during an otherwise monotonous time period in-game.

From the funposters brigade, the Meme Regime was formed over time as Icy befriended Nizbun and Khelgin. Further along the line, Gisco joined their ranks and finally Incestral. Together they are relentless in their shitposting and take pride in destroying threads within a matter of minutes, for days on end. Although the rampant shitposting did not come without a price. All of the attention has been a big factor in the number of samefags (or imposters) who often appear from the woodwork to impersonate Icy. While not as severe as the samefagging of other well-known avatarfriends, Icy or rather the Meme Regime as a whole tends to have a series of very committed samefags who crave nothing more than the memers themselves: pure anarchy and attention.

Icy has many characters, an overwhelming majority who use the suffix "-crits", yet his favorite class tends to be Death Knight. Icy plays both Alliance and Horde but tends to prefer the former.

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The Day the Icy Died

While Icy may seem to be but another friendly face to the average anon, those cold eyes hold a vicious secret. Multiple innocent anons have reported being lured in by his trademark charismatic attitude and dashing good looks, only to be later extorted for pictures of their armpits. Some say his collection of pictures has now reached the thousands, with his husbando Nizbun’s being his most prized possession, of which he keeps on his person at all times.

“But where did this degeneracy take root?” you may ask. Well, my young anon, let me tell you a tale of long ago.

It all began an innocent, cold December morning. Icy was minding his own business, excitedly pleasuring himself to the figures of women passing by his window, when he received an in-game tell that would change his life forever. This tell was from the legendary Dom, who after informing Icy of his “poopy diaper butt” begged him to come along to RIPIP’s heroic HFC raid. Icy excitedly agreed, as this would be yet another chance to put the moves on his waifu Fallaa. The raid started off innocently enough, with Icy heroically carrying the raid team on his back from the 15th spot on the DPS meters. However, everything changed when Archimonde attacked. Icy refused to join voice comms for fear that his luscious voice would place the entire raid in a state of pure ecstasy, and thus unable to focus on their heroic “progession” in December 2015. While RIPIP was disappointed by this, they eventually allowed Icy to do as he pleased, unaware that this would later lead to their hero’s downfall. Archimonde was almost dead, when Icy did the unthinkable. He popped his legendary ring three seconds before the raid leader called for it. As Archimonde fell, the entirety of the RIPIP teamspeak devolved into incoherent screams of rage. Icy was immediately kicked from the raid group, the guild, his house, his town, his state, his country, and had his girlfriend fucked by every member of RIPIP. Twice.

This event broke our noble protagonist. How could he live after earning the hate of his true love, Fallaa? However, just as his despair reached its peak, a miracle occurred. A single polaroid of a 35.4 BMI man’s armpit flew directly into Icy’s awaiting face, as if a gift from the angels above. It was then that Icy changed forever. This was the moment in which the Icy we all knew and loved died.

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On the 5th of April, 2016, a horrible accident occurred. Icy, while being driven by Lynris for an unknown reason, was caught in a head-on collision with a Double-Decker bus. Lynris escaped unscathed, but Icy was gravely wounded, and hospitalized immediately. While the Meme Regime tried to keep this event as secret, their frequent visits to the hospital arose suspicion, and news of Icy's fate was revealed by an unknown anon.

The Meme Team immediately ordered them to delete his post, but it was too late. However, what occurred next could only be described as a miracle. The entirety of /wowg/, in-between meming, banded together in support for this pillar of the community. Some sent good wishes, while others like Icy's waifu Lynris brought him bouquets of flowers, anime, and miniature Christmas trees. Even Gisco, known for his deep-rooted hatred of Icy, presented a card for the entirety of /wowg/ to sign and later deliver to Icy.

Despite Nizbun recently claiming Icy to be in a stable condition, other anons have theorized that he has already passed.