Doesn't deserve those tusks"-Asmongold, 2016

Holy fucking christ.

This abomination does nothing but push in alliance shit.

Day in, day out, this fucking faggot just kills people. For fun.

This premium orc man-meat is made for decimation, destruction, obliteration, and total annihilation.

Known best for his contributions at the battles following:

  • Multiple Anal Annihilations at the Gurubashi Arena
  • The Defense of Grand Warlock Yorick, c. 7.3.0
  • The battle of the High Wall - Pandaria, c. 7.2.5
  • The Ravage-Camp Ravaging - Blasted Lands, c. pre-7.0
  • Ashran Ass-ram - Ashran, c. 6.2
  • The Fall of King Anduin Varian, c. fuck it whatever
  • The Northrend Rear-Rend, c. 6.0

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