Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor, Gisco is one of the top avatarfriends remaining in /wowg/. From orbiting Jocelyn to being buttbudies with Incestral, he can be best described as:

"not a literal who" - Spitfire circa 2015

Battletag: Gisco#1457


Gisco tends to never stop shilling this card game to people. Ever. Nobody has actually played it with him but he still wont fucking stop.

For that reason he has been known to gather his manda buddies and Icy to raid wowg with /a/rc-v and /dng/ images while talking about Yugioh and calling out any faggot that tries to talk about WoW in a Yugioh Pro general


Weebshit can be heard echoing whenever Gisco turns on his mic. His waifu is Suzuha from Steins;Gate because she is best girl and Kurisu-fags can fuck right off.


Despite orbiting a """"""""""'girl""""""""""" he is a massive fucking faggot who plows Nizbun's butthole on a daily basis when he isnt shitting up the thread with his stupid fucking panda.