Want to lewd it up but don't know how? Here's how!

Step 1: Install an addon to view RP profiles! XRP, MyRolePlay or TotalRolePlay3 are good choices! They're all compatible!

Step 2: Make a character on US-Moon Guard (Alliance) and enter the Goldshire Inn in Elwynn Forest. Read everyone's disgusting profiles until you become inspired to create your own!

Step 3 (after writing your profile): Choose one of many exciting locations in the inn depending on your preference!:

  • The railing near William Pestle if you want to get fugged by dickgirls
  • The tables with chairs in front of them if you want to get paid to help people jerk off OOCly
  • The railing near the innkeeper if you want to get yiffed
  • The table in front of the fireplace if you're desperate for attention
  • The fireplace if all you want is to burn the pain away

Step 4: Send people dirty whispers or wait to get whispered!

Step 5: ERP!

Step 6: Kill yourself by mastrubating while your about to hang yourself, best orgasm ever.

This page also contains every disgusting lewdo from /wowg/ (in other words everyone)

Ralph x Nizbun 4eva