Ralph's favorite subject.

Due to his deep inner searches for understanding he went that deep, he found out a terrible beast called dark primal drives. And since then he has been funposting and shouting about it at anyone who is being negative even when they are memeing.

Those are totally dark inner drives that lead people to be angry or mean and because there is no outright punishment ralph decided to be the punishment and shitpost on the thread, making incomprehensible walls of text about it and making everyone fall to their deep dark primal drives so he can get more yous and make more walls of text. He is probably imagining he is giving a Ted Talk where he lectures every single person alive and acts like his Idol Taran Zhu hoping that this imaginary fictional character will come to life and congratulate him for his efforts.

He has often compared the DPDs with the Sha and uses it as a proof that the reason male pandaren are so great is because they arent angry or mean because they want to avoid getting fucked by the Sha and since there are no Sha in real life he tries to the thing that fucks all up.

Of course that doesnt include female pandaren in that because he is such a huge homosexual faggot that he only cares about male pandas and sucking off their dicks while hugging their enormous obese bellies.